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Underlying Conditions - Pangyrus Nine

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From jaw-droppingly profound poetry to stories and essays and comics that will transport you, Pangyrus 9 registers the seismic shocks of the moment--and the underlying truths that keep us together.


Three Micro Stories by Meg Pokrass and Jeff Friedman

The Diversion by James Burke

Folklore by Lindsey Leigh

The Tawny-Green Steppe by Tim Weed

Mama Bruja by Cat Huang

Divertimento by Jessica Treadway

In Heat by Angie Kang

Flower Eyes by Rhiannon McCarthy

Robot in the Closet by Shana R. Ashar


In Case of Moths by Allaire Diamond

The Fig Tree by Anne Kenner

Ode to Pound Cake by Angie Chatman

Me, My Father, and The Persian Rug by Maryam Keramaty

Animal Instinct by Melissa Mulvihill

Can Your House Kill You? by Amber Wong

Letter to the Future by Mee Ok Icaro

Aprons by Carol Iaciofano Aucoin

White Hair by Nancy Agabian

Tasseography by Jacqueline Houton

How I Became Greta and Alan by Lindsay Coleman

The School of Working Women: A Letter to My Mother by Katie Taylor

Pocha by Janet Rodriguez

My First Reading, St. Mark's Poetry Project 1975 by Patricia Spears Jones

How to Ruin Your Morning by Theresa Okokon

Sixteen Paris Crossings or Art in the Time of Crisis by Trần Vũ Thu-Hằng


Schadenfreude by Romana Iorga

Spiders on the Hancock by Max Heinegg

Battle of Silicon Valley at Daybreak by Alexandria Peary

Thousand by Katherine Huang

Covid’s Metamorphoses by Katie Hartsock

Exposure by Nick Zelle

Didn't I Fuck You Once? by Lillo Way

On Seeing You, My Son, Overmedicated for the First Time by Christine Jones

with what letters remain by Christopher Porcaro

Why Not Climb? by David Hawkins

What Grandma Read at the Bottom of My Cup by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky

The New York Times Publishes 1,000 Names by Julia Lisella

Aspiration by Allison A. deFreese

Missing by SM Stubbs

Alone by Jonathan Andrew Pérez

Short History of the Accident by Judith Skillman

I Develop a Crush on My Psychiatrist by Dani Janae

Thinning to Fable by Annie Virginia